Police Interview Questions

How To Answer The Police Interview Questions?

The interview questions will be about how you have dealt with specific situations in the past. These questions will be related to the competency areas. Questions will focus on relevant skills you have that are transferable to the role of a police officer like problem solving and dealing with people.

Know Your Examples

police interview tips Police Interview 2011

You must know exactly what happened in the situation you are describing when you answer a question because you will get probed on the answers you give.

Many candidates have been caught out by this as they have made up responses to the questions. If you are then asked a probing question and you cannot answer it or the example you give does not make sense, the recruitment team will easily be able to spot this.

The best approach is to be honest and draw on situations that have happed to you. The simple reason is that if you are asked a specific question about what happened you will be able to straight away provide an answer in a confident manner.


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